I Squared R Element Co. Inc. is a manufacturer of silicon carbide heating elements (trade name Starbar®) and molybdenum disilicide heating elements (trade name Moly-D®). The Starbar heating element has a maximum use temperature of 3100°F (1700°C). The Moly-D element can operate up to an element temperature of 3362°F (1850°C). I Squared R Element is known for both its consistent high-quality elements and high level of customer satisfaction.

I Squared R Element offers these services:

  • Same day shipments from elements in stock.
  • If manufacturing is necessary, one to 10 days depending on size and quantity of elements.
  • Starbar or Moly-D element recommendation for new or existing furnaces.

The Starbar and Moly-D elements are interchangeable with other manufacturers’ elements of the same type, size and resistance values. The Starbar and Moly-D elements are competitively priced. I Squared R Element guarantees customer satisfaction.

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