Heat-Treating and Thermal-Processing Systems

Surface® Combustion has earned a trusted reputation for 107 years of providing rugged, reliable heat-treating solutions with over 250,000 systems installed worldwide.

Surface is your heat-treat furnace manufacturer for any high-technology thermal-processing and heat-treat project. Our customers trust our expertise in mechanical design, controls engineering, heat transfer and thermodynamics, leading to many advances in the heat-treating and thermal-processing industry.  

At Surface, our team has designed, manufactured and installed many diverse thermal-processing systems – from proprietary burner designs to complete steel and aluminum mill furnace solutions to silicon annealing and chemical weapon destruction.  

Our rugged construction methods and materials maximize manufacturing uptime and minimize furnace and equipment maintenance. Surface takes pride in finding innovative solutions to produce the highest quality products more efficiently to meet our customer’s specific process needs.

From defining the solution to commissioning to aftermarket support, we partner with our customers for long-term success.

Let us guide you through your thermal-processing needs. Surface is Your Source.

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