TAV VACUUM FURNACES – established in 1984 near Milan (Italy) in the city of Caravaggio – designs and manufactures standard and customized advanced vacuum furnaces in a wide range of geometries and dimensions that are used in the heat treatment of steels, alloys and advanced ceramic materials, as well as in hardening, tempering, solubilization, annealing, brazing and sintering operations.

We support these processes mainly in the following fields: production of heat exchangers, aviation/aerospace, automotive, IGT (industrial gas turbine), heat treatment of additive-manufactured parts, commercial heat treatment, component sintering (medical, precision mechanics and optics) and R&D laboratories.

Deeply rooted in years of experience, our extensive knowledge of vacuum and high-temperature engineering allows us to solve for the most advanced needs, handling requests in new sectors of unconventional heat treatments.

The R&D department in TAV VACUUM FURNACES is constantly working to ensure a product that meets, and exceeds, customer expectations, leveraging innovative technologies in accordance with the most stringent international industry specifications. All our products meet the strictest criteria and procedures to ensure compliance while driving performance.

In 2015, in order to develop and enhance our commercial relationship with the North American market, we established our American group company, FURNACARE Inc. in Spartanburg, S.C.

Having secured our foothold in this market, FURNACARE continues to grow our engineering, technical and commercial staff to communicate the operational excellence of TAV vacuum furnaces. Coupled with the ability to reduce customer cost and maximize efficiencies, we deliver proven, premium-quality manufactured solutions that are durable, customized and technologically advanced to carry our customers forward.

Our aim is to facilitate the work of your engineers, operators and maintenance team by supplying peace of mind that your furnaces will always be operational and efficient in your production process with unrivaled performance power.

Our core service competencies include hot zone refurbishment and replacement, repairs, spare parts, upgrades, TUS, SAT, calibrations, leak detection, preventive maintenance programs, new vacuum furnace installations and new vacuum furnace sales.


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