WS is a globally leading manufacturer of high-efficiency and low-emission self-recuperative and self-regenerative burners for the steel and heat-treating industries. WS has sold around 100,000 burners since 1982. We are proud to be the inventors of the game-changing Flameless Oxidation (FLOX®) technology, which enables high air preheat temperatures with low NOx emissions.

The REKUMAT® self-recuperative burner is available in both direct-fired and indirect-fired (radiant tube) versions. Each version is available in metallic and ceramic types.

The REGEMAT® self-regenerative burners integrate regenerators and switching valves into one compact unit, which is why no burner pairs are needed. Both direct-fired and indirect-fired versions are available for an efficiency of up to 90% LHV.

Our mission is to provide the highest-efficiency and lowest-emission burners worldwide, and we are already prepared for the future of green combustion gases like hydrogen. We stand for high-quality burners engineered and manufactured in Germany with over 35 years of experience.

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