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Large Box Furnace

L&L Special Furnace Co. shipped a front-loading box furnace to an aerospace manufacturer located in the southeastern United States. The state-of-the-art-facility will be opening soon, and it will be a central part of a heat-treating center for aerospace and military components. The highly uniform furnace has working dimensions of 60 inches wide x 60 inches high x 60 inches deep. There are a series of castable piers and an alloy grid that supply a very stable work platform for various part sizes and configurations. The furnace has a high-convection, air-cooled fan for air circulation and excellent uniformity at low temperatures. It was surveyed for performance prior to shipping and obtained certified temperature uniformity of ±10°F from 500°F to 2000°F.

The furnace was designed, built, assembled and tested at L&L Special Furnace’s manufacturing facility located just south of Philadelphia, Pa.

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Retort Furnace

SECO/WARWICK will deliver a retort furnace with vacuum purging for oxidation to a tool manufacturer. The furnace for the oxidation process operates under a nitrogen and hydrogen mix and then under steam. It will be adjusted to the individual needs of the tool manufacturer, providing the appropriate final hardness and color of the workpieces. The retort furnace, which will also enable tempering after vacuum purging, will be designed with a customized heating chamber so that it is compatible with the tooling used in the production process and so that the process itself is safe and repeatable.

The tool manufacturer currently operates a SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace for brazing, hardening and vacuum carburizing. Oxidation is not a very common process on the market. It is used primarily in demanding industries such as automotive and aviation. However, the technology is increasingly being utilized by tool manufacturers.

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Industrial Furnaces, Ovens

Lucifer Furnaces completed a yearlong contract to deliver 18 AMS 2750-compliant furnaces and ovens to the United States Air Force. Models supplied include heavy-duty single-chamber furnaces, dual-chamber furnace/oven combinations, recirculating convection ovens and dual ovens. All models are designed and built to comply with AMS 2750 Class 2 (+/-10°F) and Class 5 (+/-25°F) specifications with instrumentation package D, which includes digital paperless recorder/controllers, high-limit safety systems and SCR power supplies. TUS and SAT access ports are built in for ongoing system accuracy tests and temperature uniformity survey compliance. All models are completely wired and temperature uniformity surveyed in-house prior to shipment.

The furnaces and ovens have been shipped to Air Force bases throughout the U.S. and will be used to support airplane and helicopter repair and maintenance. They will process a range of materials from aluminum to tool steels.

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Vacuum Furnaces

Ipsen received two orders for vacuum furnaces at the start of 2021. A power-tool manufacturer based in the United States ordered a TurboTreater vacuum furnace to increase production capacity. It is the ninth Ipsen vacuum furnace at that facility. In addition, a medical implant manufacturer ordered a MetalMaster external-quench vacuum furnace. It will be designed with an all-metal hot zone for long high-temperature cycles. The furnace’s multi-staged pumping system is capable of providing low residual-oxygen levels for processing titanium components.

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Energy Storage System

In response to the challenges of California’s energy market, Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) installed and commissioned what it says is the state’s largest commercial Solar + Energy Storage System. By combining on-site generation, an advanced energy storage system and an AI-powered analytics platform, SCA can optimize energy use by automatically switching between on-site generation, battery power or grid power. The digitally connected energy storage network includes a 772-kW PV solar system and a 1,561-kW/3,122-kWh Tesla battery storage system. The system will enable the heat treater to achieve a variety of goals, including energy-expense reductions through reduced peak demand. SCA expects full ROI on the system within 30-36 months.

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Image courtesy of Solar Atmospheres of California