Vacuum Furnace Diagnostics

A new feature on the PdMetrics dashboard monitors incoming three-phase utilities, voltage and frequency on Ipsen’s TITAN 2.0 vacuum furnaces. This addition offers further diagnostics for the diffusion-pump heater assembly. By adding these parameters, PdMetrics adjusts the expected kilowatt usage based on incoming line voltage, reporting precise diagnostic data and avoiding the potential for false alarms.

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In-line X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer

The Vanta iX in-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer automates material analysis and alloy ID on the manufacturing line to deliver instant results for real-time process monitoring and 100% inspection. Designed to operate 24/7, the analyzer streamlines quality inspections for metal fabrication. The Vanta iX analyzer provides clear material and grade ID in seconds, so metal fabricators can demonstrate that their products are 100% tested and verified. The instrument, which can deliver pass/fail results or full material chemistry, can test a wide range of alloy and metal grades. In addition, it is easy to install in manufacturing environments.

Welding Equipment

Weld Systems Integrators
The mid-frequency direct current (MFDC) resistance welder incorporates a fast rise time (FRT) transformer. The FRT-MFDC machine is ideal for welding applications requiring short weld times and high welding current. FRT-MFDC welders offer the following benefits: reduced life-cycle cost, better process control for welding coated parts, weld nugget management, minimized heat-affected zone (HAZ) and lower primary power requirements. As a result, the equipment is suited for the following applications: galvanized steels; aluminum; high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steels; hot-stamped boron materials; and hot-dipped materials.

Multi-function Process Calibrator

Ametek STC
The JOFRA ASC-400 multi-function process calibrator includes a built-in help function that offers a graphical solution to exactly how to connect the ASC-400s current setup. If the measurement parameters change, the connection assistant screen will change. The new feature can be used to reduce errors and wasted time significantly. The ASC-400 reads and sources RTD, thermocouple, current, voltage, frequency and resistance. It combines features such as percent error calculation, scaling and leak testing into one handheld calibrator. The large full-color display, numerical keypad with a cursor and function keys help simplify use.

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High-Speed Pyrometer

The CT 4M high-speed pyrometer measures within the spectral range of 2.2 μm to 6.0 μm, making it ideal for low-temperature measurements on metals, metal oxides, ceramics or for materials with an unknown or changing emissivity. For the CT 4M, low temperature means the measurement range of 32-932°F (0-500°C). The sensor head of the pyrometer is very compact. With a diameter of 0.55 inch (14 mm) and a length of 1.10 inch (28 mm), it can be easily installed even where space is at a premium. The remote electronics unit is connected to the sensor head via a cable that can be up to 49 feet (15 m) long. Important parameters can be entered directly via three keys and an illuminated display.

High-Performance Aluminum Powders

A new line of powder products can be bundled with advanced engineering services to assist customers in achieving optimal results for specialty metal additive-manufacturing (AM) applications. The three new powders are variations on the original high-performance aluminum alloy. Each has been engineered to offer enhanced features for either increased print precision, enhanced printed part strength, or faster print speed and volume.

Online Calculator for Metal 3D Printing

ExOne Company
A new online estimating tool is available for companies considering moving production of metal parts to high-speed binder-jet 3D printing. The ExOne Production Metal Cost Calculator is designed to provide manufacturers with a per-part estimate for binder-jet 3D printing a precision metal part so they can quickly compare the technology to other forms of traditional and additive manufacturing. The tool requires just a few easy inputs – material, machine, part dimensions and volume – and is based on the purchase of any one of ExOne’s four Pro series printers.